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Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are primarily used to protect teeth such as playing contact sports. They are also used to prevent teeth grinding. In some cases teeth guards are needed as a tool to treat certain dental issues.

Though there are mouth guards that you can buy at retail sports centers, however that is not advisable. They are bulky and do not fit properly; thus they do not protect the teeth as well (and may hamper breathing). Aggressive contact with another athlete can make the over the counter mouth guard fall out of the mouth. A dental professional will never prescribe a generic or stock mouth guard.

How to Choose a Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard Procedure

Everyone’s teeth are different. A dentist will take an impression of your teeth and order a mouth guard that fits your mouth and protects your particular teeth. The result is a mouth guard that fits snugly over your teeth and gums and is comfortable to wear. They stay in the mouth better and protect the teeth better. These custom mouth guards also help treat painful illnesses such as TMD and TMJ.

Some companies offer a mouth guard that is made from a plastic material. You boil the mouth guard and then put the softened mouth guard in your mouth and try to shape it with your finger or tongue. Though this is better than a stock mouth guard it is still not as good as a custom mouth guard made by your dentist.

Generally, a mouth guard is only made for the top teeth. But, if you have braces or other devices, the dentist may prescribe a guard for the lower teeth as well.

Night Guard

People who grind their teeth at night may be given a night guard. The night guard is worn when we sleep to protect the teeth.

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