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It is normal when you take your braces off to heave a sigh of relief, but that is not where it ends, the next step involves wearing an orthodontic retainer.

Dental Retainer

What Is a Retainer?

These are custom made devices or orthodontic appliances that are designed for our patients to hold straight teeth in place usually after braces. This is because there is a need for the teeth to settle into the soft tissue that holds them in place after the removal of braces.

Wearing a retainer is the last stage of orthodontic treatment which has several advantages if worn properly.

Our retainers are made of plastic, metal/wire or even solid plastic and they can be removable or permanent retainers.

Why Wear a Retainer?

The advantage of wearing a retainer does not end at straightening the teeth. Other advantages are:

Wearing a retainer helps kids with speech impediments by adjusting the placement of the tongue such that sounds form properly

With retainers, the teeth are properly aligned thus removing the risk of poor oral health

Some retainers help improve breathing and snoring problems.

Types of Dental Retainer

Though different types of retainers are available, we will recommend the type that will work best for your situation and custom make it just for you.

Hawley or metal retainer is the most common type of retainer consisting of wires and clasps. We use the clasp to grasp the selected teeth such that it serves as an anchor for the retainer

Another type is the clear retainer made of clear or transparent plastic designed to fit perfectly over your teeth. Though advantageous because they are somewhat invincible, they are not as durable as the metal retainer.

Finally, we use fixed retainers for some patients and as the name suggests, they are not removable and thankfully not visible too. We recommend this retainer type when the teeth is at high risk to go back to its former position.

Though retainers can be uncomfortable at the beginning, our patients after a period of time adjust well to wearing one.

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