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Root Canal

Root Canal

A root canal is a treatment that is used to repair and save a tooth that is badly infected or damaged.

Our root canal procedure involves the removal of the damaged tooth area which is the pulp and afterwards cleaning, disinfecting, filling and sealing it. This root canal treatment is very important as it prevents the tissue surrounding the tooth from becoming infected and forming abscesses.

Root Canal Procedure & Treatment

Endodontics & Endodontists

Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry which specifically deals with issues concerning the tooth pulp and tissues (“endo” means inside and “odont” means the tooth) and that is why our endodontists are always available to handle your endodontic treatment.


Every tooth has a soft core which is called the dental pulp that stretches from the crown of the tooth to the end of the tooth root. The pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. If a tooth has a deep cavity or becomes cracked, the pulp might become infected or abscessed due to buildup of bacteria and other decaying matter.

This invariably leads to the death of the pulp, bone loss, swelling that may spread to different areas of the face and the loss of the infected tooth.


Our root canal procedure takes a few steps which usually occur over a few office visits.

Firstly, we take an X-ray to examine where exactly the decay is located after which we administer local anesthesia to the affected tooth. We assure our valuable patients that root canal does not cause pain but eases the pain instead.

Next we make an opening and remove the diseased tooth pulp and finally fill the root where the opening was created on with gutta-percha material and seal it off with cement.

Root Canal Cost

Our root canal cost is affordable and varies based on the extent of work that needs to be done.

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