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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

So we quit smoking and now what do we do? We look for the newest and best working teeth whitening products on the market. We are lucky that there are so many different brands and types to pick from. Some are more costly than others.

When we look in the mirror we expect to see beautiful white teeth. Or at least we hope that is what we see! More times than not the smile that we see in the mirror is not what we want to see. Most of us have stained teeth which are not very attractive and stained teeth do little to make us want to smile.

There are rumors that some think these teeth whitening products will do permanent damage to our teeth or even our gums. Anyone thinking that should check with a dentist for a professional opinion and then decide to proceed or not.

Teeth Whitening Will Do Wonders for Our Self-Esteem and Confidence

Why Do Teeth Get Stained?

There are many reasons for that. If we drink wine, coffee or tea over a long period of time it will stain teeth for sure. The most common cause of stained teeth is smoking. Anyone who has smoked has probably been told how badly smoking stains ones teeth.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

There are teeth whitening treatments that we can get out our dentist’s office or there are products we can buy over the counter for in-home use. Since time is money in today’s world, using at-home products will save time. We prefer at home treatments whenever possible as long as they are safe.

We can buy special toothpaste that has whitening abilities, or we can buy tooth whitening strips or even gels. Some of these items are more costly than others so our budget might determine our choice.

Once we get our teeth white again, the teeth whitening process doesn’t stop. We need to keep an eye on our teeth and when the time comes for another treatment jump right on it.

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