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TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint or better known TMJ is a joint that acts like a hinge for your jaw and works with the muscles around the joint. TMJ disorder is a very painful disorder that causes pain in your jaw. There is no definite reason or cause for TMJ disorder but doctors are thinking that it could be caused from arthritis or some sort of jaw injury, such as a broken jaw.

TMJ Symptoms

The obvious symptom for people that suffer from TMJ disorder is pain but there are several others that people. Some people may experience some pain in and around their ear and they might mistake it for an ear infection. Other people might experience some difficulty or have pain while they are chewing food or they will have pain that will travel all over their face.

Another common symptom of TMJ disorder is that their jaw joint will lock which in turn will make it hard for them to open and close their mouth. You don’t want to wait too long if you are experience any of these symptoms to see a doctor or a TMJ specialist. They will first give you some relief of your symptoms and then discuss some TMJ treatments.

When you go to see your doctor for TMJ disorder be prepared to answer questions such as, when the symptoms started, has it happened before, and has your stress level gone up lately. Once some of those questions are answered and tests are done to make sure that it is TMJ disorder the physician will discuss some TMJ treatment.

The doctor might start out with medications to help with the disorder. The doctor may give you a pain reliever, or something to relax the muscles in your face, or lastly some sort of an antidepressant to help with your stress level. The last resort of TMJ treatment is a surgical procedure but this will be the last thing that the doctor will suggest.

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