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Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling

The range of tooth fillings available on the market is diverse enough to give a patient the smile of their choice. Most common is the composite filling which is also known as a tooth colored filling, these are more expensive than the traditional amalgams and were used extensively in years past. However, there are distinct disadvantages to the standard amalgam filling, besides the obvious aesthetic value. Putting silver fillings next to each other can cause unpleasant feelings and the increased dismay of mercury poisoning in the silver fillings, has been a health concern since the 1900’s.

Having dental fillings, strengthens the teeth and works as a stronger base for partial plates, should they be necessary. Composite can also be placed upon a tooth as bonding. Bonding is designed to protect the aspect of the tooth that is newly exposed due to gum recession.

Fill Don’t Pull, For a Perfect Smile

Why Our Dental Fillings?

Any dentist worth his or her salt would rather save the tooth, before pulling it out and we at OC Laser Center have the same conviction toward preserving a patient’s natural assets.

We take note of all these concerns and controversies and ensure we deliver the very best and cost effective materials to our patients. We make sure that when you leave our office, you are comfortable, beautiful and above all, healthy.

How our Tooth Filling process works ?

We prefer to use a composite resin filling that can match your other teeth perfectly in color, making the filling undetectable. It is softer to work with than metal amalgams and can be molded to correct crooked, damaged and fractured teeth. The shape of the tooth can be changed, lining it up with the rest of the teeth. It is durable, strong and has more give, to expand and contract with different food temperatures and less likely to crack.

There is far less drilling as well, as we don’t need to enlarge the tooth cavity in order to place the material. The bonding procedure will hold the resin in the tooth and strengthen it.

The improved aesthetics of the composites make your mouth naturally beautiful and will keep you smiling – even in your sleep!

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