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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

The growing of a wisdom tooth is probably the most uncomfortable pain that human beings can experience. In addition to being a tooth that is not really useful, the wisdom tooth is in most cases the reason for major problems. Sometimes the wisdom tooth doesn’t even need to erupt to cause discomfort.

When you feel a severe pain you should go immediately to your dentist since it may even be the worst toothache that humans can experience.

Things to Know About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When the wisdom tooth doesn't have enough space to grow, it can begin to grow crooked, in an unusual position or it can be covered by gum tissue. The wisdom teeth can cause a condition known as pericoronitis.

The extraction is a very common process. Your dentist may recommend general or local anesthesia. After the extraction of the tooth (or teeth), you need to gently bite a piece of gauze for 30 to 45 minutes after leaving the dentist office; this way you can stop any bleeding that may occur.

You may feel some pain or swelling, but that will naturally disappear after a few days; however, you should call your dentist if you have prolonged or intense pain, swelling, or fever.

On the day of the extraction of the wisdom tooth, you can have a light meal and take all the medicine necessary, such as antibiotics.

Tooth Extraction Cost

About tooth extraction, we can consider two categories: non-surgical extraction and surgical extraction. A non-surgical extraction for a fully erupted tooth from the gum costs from $125-$300. This cost depends on the type of anesthesia that was applied, the complexity of the surgery.

The cost of a tooth surgical extraction varies from $150 to $650 and it also depends on other factors such as the anesthesia applied, the dentist and the complexity of the extraction.

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